Camera Advice

Taken on a Canon 1300D, 180mm, f.18, 1/200sec

Stuck on settings, composition or equipment? This space will have advice on all of that and more! Keep checking regularly for updates.

General advice

Shoot at the lens’ optimal aperture – In the case of most lenses this is two f stops smaller (but two numbers larger) than the widest it will go. For example, if your lens has a largest f. of 3.5, the sharpest apertures would be f.4 and f.4.5. This isn’t the case for all lenses and the best way to work it out on your lens is just to take as many photos across a wide variety of apertures and see what is sharpest. You can find this information by simply looking at the photo data.

Portraits like a pro

Where to focus – For the best photos of a person’s upper body/face, focus on the eyes. Try this using f.11 and the face will appear nice and sharp, conserving the detail.

Shooting the sharpest sport pictures

Fast shutter speed equals frozen images – When shooting a sporting event and you want to freeze the action the best way to do so is with a fast shutter speed. Shooting at around 1/640 or higher will freeze fast sports, though the opposite principal applies if you want to blur action; simply reduce the shutter speed.