Beautiful People.1

To me, beauty isn’t just defined by physical characteristics. It’s something that comes from within. Beauty is reflected in actions and thoughts. Beauty is a person going out of their way to ask you how you are, giving up their time to help and advise you. Beauty is letting you borrow their favourite top. Beauty is sending you pictures of babies when you’re sad. Beauty is letting you talk endlessly down the phone about something they’ve already listened to 50 times over. Beauty is eating your terrible food and still telling you that it’s nice. Beauty is tagging you in Facebook memes. Beauty is sharing chocolate. Beauty is letting you cry and giving you a massive hug at the end. Beauty is standing up for you regardless of consequences. Beauty is them uplifting you to new highs even when they are at their lowest of lows. 

Charlotte does all of these things and more.  

What do you find beautiful?

Taken on Nikon D3200 with 50mm lens, by Jasmine Selwood

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